General Conditions

  • These general conditions are deemed accepted when the articles are handed over to us.
  • Our services have to be paid at the moment of the deposit.
  • The article will be delivered only on presentation of the ticket.


We undertake to clean using professional methods, treating the articles entrusted to us with the greatest care and respecting the environment.


  1. The fabric cleaning firm is released from all liability apart from in cases of serious negligence.  Our liability is only incurred if the article to be treated undergoes the cleaning process recommended on the care label. If there is no care label, we expressly decline all liability.
  2. Despite the simple professional verification that we carry out on receiving the articles, we cannot be held liable for damage due to non-identifiable properties or hidden defects such as insufficient resistance of the fabrics or seams, non-fastness of colours or prints, pen in lining, previous defects, damaged buckles and buttons, zippers, shoulder padding, embellishments, etc., or if the care label instructions are incorrect.  No liability for shrinkage or colour fading within usual tolerances is accepted.
  3. The need for a specific treatment must be clear especially in the case of a textile that can easily be seen to be delicate or stains that require special treatment. The care symbol and/or the care instructions on the care label are determining for the cleaning of the fabrics. 
  4. We may make reservations on receiving the articles to be treated.
  5. There is no guarantee of success by the enterprise.


  1. We do our utmost to respect the agreed delivery times. Late delivery does not, however, give the right to compensation.
  2. The articles must be recovered within six months of being deposited with us.  Thereafter, we may freely dispose of them without indemnifying the customer.
  3. If the cleaning mandate cannot be performed, the articles are returned as are. The number and type of pieces indicated on the check list of deposited articles are determining for the return of the entrusted articles.


  1. Complaints must be promptly notified within three working days of receiving the articles and the receipt for payment must be kept. 
  2. We carefully investigate complaints, provide explanations or take position providing reasons.
  3. In Switzerland it is not possible to insure damage in the fabric care sector. In the event of damage caused to an article or loss of an article for which we are liable, the customer receives compensation according to the table of depreciated current values. Compensation is only for the articles entrusted to us. There shall be no replacement in kind.
  4. Swiss law is applicable to the exclusion of any other law. If no agreement can be found, we recommend that the parties refer the case for expert assessment and arbitration before the joint authorities for the settlement of disputes of the Swiss Association of Fabric Cleaning Enterprises (Association suisse des entreprises d’entretien des textiles – ASET).


Terms and conditions of this PRESTIGE program are a complement to Baechler general terms and conditions of sale which remain fully applicable.

A PRESTIGE card entitles you to the following benefits:

  • A complimentary protective garment bag for transport and storage.
  • 10% discount on all Baechler services, (excluding purchase of the card itself and memberships)
  • SMS or Email notifications once items are ready in store.
  • Pre-payment facility (from CHF 50.00).
  • Access to subscription offers under the following conditions: subscriptions are valid for 1 year (the unused balance is lost if not used within the year of purchase), not refundable, and may be used by any person of your choice.
  1. The PRESTIGE card is valid as part of cleaning, upkeeping and repairs on all textiles given to Baechler in Switzerland.
  2. To join our PRESTIGE program, simply fill in the membership form available in all our Baechler stores and pay a 20 CHF yearly fee. A card will be issued directly to you in the shop for immediate use.
  3. To be entitled to discounts, it is mandatory to present your card every time you check out.
  4. Baechler reserves the right to modify or discontinue use of the card and its terms and conditions at any time. In accordance with data protection law (LPD) of 19 June 1992, the cardholder is informed that his/her answers to the application form are necessary for the processing and issue of the card. The cardholder is informed that he or she has the right to access and rectify information concerning the information provided by him or her. This right can be exercised by mail to Baechler Teinturiers SA, Avenue Vibert 38, 1212 Grand-Lancy; or by email to
  5. Card renewal: the card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. On expiry of the validity date, the cardholder may extend the membership for another year by paying a 20 CHF flat-rate amount.
  6. Loss, theft, or damage: The cardholder must report the loss or theft of his/her card. A new card will be issued directly at the store where the card was purchased for a 3 CHF fee to replace the old one.
  7. Change of address: To continue receiving the benefits of the card, the cardholder must report any change of address or name.