Our story

The story of Baechler Teinturiers dates back to 1834…

…when the young Rodolphe Baechler left Bern to go to Geneva. At that time, the wealthy families of the town would send their laundry maids everyday to fountains in the area or to rafts along the River Rhone.  Thanks to his savings and an inheritance, Rodolphe bought one of these rafts and so created one of the first textile cleaning companies. He took charge of collecting the laundry from peoples’ homes, with the help of a hand -drawn cart, cleaning it and returning it. In order to increase the services of wringing out, drying and ironing the clothes, he opened a workshop in the St-Gervais region. After some years, the different services grew to include dying, de-greasing and starching.

Thanks to a great professionalism and the best techniques of that period, Rodolphe Baechler and his son opened their first arcade along the banks of the Seujet River. Two further depots followed in the areas of Rive and Grand-Rue.

At the beginning of the 20th century, electricity, the telephone and the car all transformed the way they worked. In 1911, Felix and Emile Baechler, Rodolphes’ grandsons, created a new factory on the Lausanne Road. This is the address where the “Baechler Brothers” business grew for almost 50 years.  Other sales offices opened around Geneva and even as far as Lausanne. The family business became famous.

In 1964 the Baechler House constructed a new building along the Jussy Road. This allowed them to integrate the factory, workshop, the shop and the administrative offices. It was also during this period that the company had to respond to an increasingly demanding clientele, who required a faster service. The delivery arcades were therefore equipped with machines allowing cleaning to take place on site: and so was the birth of the Dry Cleaners!

In 1986, the 6th generation of the Baechler family recreated the company as a limited entity. In 2010 Baechler Teinturiers went international by opening its first shop in Paris.

As leader of its sector, Baechler Teinturiers is an active member of the Swiss Association for Textile Cleaning Companies (www.textilpflege.ch)